A case study on a customer app (Tricky Trivia Source )

One of  the customer apps got approved today which is based on the tricky trivia source code.

Sci-GK Trivia


There are some specialties for the app

1. The customer does not have an apple developer account . Still he wanted to have a try on the app business .  We have uploaded the app to our own account until he is convinced and decide to make new apps (he will crate a  developer account only after that . )

2.  The back end is running in our own server (We have given him one year free server as part of the package . The only condition is he need to purchase a good server if the app goes really big and grows  beyond the shared server capabilities )

3. We will publish the case study of the app here with his consent (including approx  daily income and number of downloads  )

Stay tuned for the results 🙂

 12 -06-2014

Initial downloads not much impressive as our original app.

Made only  367 downloads in first 2 days ( not 2 days actually , 1.5 days)

Ad revenue : $4.3


Downloads/ day is almost same

Ad revenue till date  : $9.2

Acheivement : Ranked 4 and 5 for the keyword ‘gk‘  in ipad and iphone stores (US)


Downloads/ day is bit low now

Keyword position also dropped a bit

Total downloads just above 1400 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $17.4

Client is thinking about a small ad promotion to get a boost !


Almost 2 weeks completed .

Total downloads just above 1900 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $29.4

Achievement : Ranked 5 in Games -> Trivia in Pakistan.


20 days completed and end of the month !

Total downloads just above 2600 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $43.5

Client started some free Facebook  promotion  today to boost the downloads  . stay tuned for the results .



Almost one month completed .

Total downloads just above 3200 Now (No effect on free  Facebook promotion )

Anyway looks like regular users are increasing as it shows more and more impressions every day.

Ad revenue till date  : $67.4


Almost 40 days  completed .

Total downloads just above 4300 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $97.4

How ever , revenues are not impressive as Tricky Trivia till now



Almost 54 days completed

Customer executed Facebook ads for $50 to boost the downloads bit.

Total downloads just above 6900 Now (Increased due to FB campaign)

Ad revenue till date  : $186.5


More than 2.5 months  completed

Total downloads around 11000 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $350

Even though revenue is increasing , it is bit sad to hear that even after 2.5 months , still it cannot cover the costs fully yet . Looks like it will take  4-5 months to turn in to profit in that case.


More than 3.5 months  completed and a very happy news 🙂 . This app got listed in ‘what is hot’ in some countries  and getting more and more downloads daily-  mostly from USA .

Total downloads around 14000 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $650

And we can say now that the app is in profit now 🙂

Will keep you posted further .


More than 4.5 months  completed  .

Total downloads around 16000 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $850


More than 6  months  completed  .

Total downloads around 18000 Now

Ad revenue till date  : $1030


Our parent company, PI digi-logical Solutions made an offer to the client to acquire the app and he agreed .

From today onwards , Sci-GK Trivia is a property of PI digi-logical Solutions . The deal was for an undisclosed amount 🙂

Company will be launching the android version and releasing more categories and questions  very soon .




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