About reskinningapp.com

We do App Reskinning.

We are here to help you building successful mobile apps (In iOS and Android) to make a good revenue stream. We concentrate more on app reskinning, re designing and re structuring successful apps available in the market already.

Why app reskinning? 

If you have a killing idea to make an app, you are always welcome to make that app (only if you believe your idea is that much strong to invest ). App reskinning is the easiest way to enter into the app development business and make some good amount of monthly revenue stream quickly (starting from day 1 ).

Is this Legal?
Yes. Definitely Legal.
Well if you use source code without authorization e.g. download it illegally, or otherwise steal it,  then yes its illegal.

If you do something that is not within the license for that source code, then yes it would be illegal. If you just re-upload the app without changing any of the assets then yes that would most likely be illegal.

We are  talking about buying source code legally  to do what you want with the source-code, including re-skinning the app!

Yes you can buy a ton of games and apps like this ! And often the pricing will be too less than development cost.

Who we are ?

We are a  partially owned subsidiary of  PI digi-logical Solutions Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala, India (http://pi-digi.com/).

We are specialized in ios app development, android app development  and web app development.

Our Mission 

To make mobile app business a feasible business for all even with out any coding and designing skills. Our Primary objective is not to sell our source codes, but to teach people about the re skinning app  business and make them earn enough from the apps. Along with that we provide quality source code buying option through this website. We offer full re skin packages also.

Custom app development

You can always contact us  for all types of custom app development (including games)  in ios and android also.




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