Test your Knowledge !

Cute and Simple Design

SALE: Android app source code 


  • 10 categories + 1000 questions free along with the source code
  • Multiple choice Questions
  • Three modes for each category – Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Music on/off option
  • Share score in Facebook, Twitter etc and challenge your friends
  • Displays your top scores in each category
  • Speed bonus if you answer quick
  • Difficulty bonus if you select medium and hard modes
  • Admob Banner + Interstitial ads
  • Facebook Fan page
  • About Us

You can launch an app instantly. No need to add questions !!!

Features and Requirements

Configuration options in app

  • Time allowed for each question
  • Negative points (yes/no)
  • Speed bonus (yes/no)
  • Admob banner (yes/no)
  • Admob banner Id
  • Admob interstitial (yes/no)
  • Admob interstitial Id
  • Facebook Page URL
  • About us text
  • Score share text
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited Questions

Live Demo

Here is the sample apk


More Advanced version

If you are looking for an app which has more features including real time new categories and questions , you may consider this one

IOS Version

If you are looking for IOS , you may consider this

See Screen Shots Below


  • No need to spend cash on re skinning (only change icon and splash)
  • AdMob banner and interstitial enabled for easy monetization
  • You can switch off ads from config file if you need to make a paid app
  • If you can market it well, it can easily make $50 to $100 a day
  • Questions/categories can be added any time using simple xml.
  • You can release unlimited apps (in various subjects) very easily.
  • Just find a subject, add some questions and release a new app (you need a multi license for releasing more than one app)
  • You can always engage the users with new questions and new categories on the go.
  • 10 categories and 1000 questions free along with the package. Means you can launch an app without adding any question.


How to Setup and Reskin

Easy to make it live

  • change icon
  • bg
  • splash
  • app name in the app
  • Edit some simple xml files for configuration
  • Upload to store
  • Its that much simple

Single License

for a single app
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Installation support
  • Upload to store
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

Multiple App Licence

Create and distribute unlimited apps
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Configuration support
  • Upload to store( for 1 app)
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

buying options

Notes for payment

  • You need a Non Indian paypal id for purchase . If you are from India Please contact at info@reskinningapp.com with your requirement so that we can arrange another payment method for purchase
  • We will send the files manually after purchase . So there will be some hours delay if the purchase is not in the working hours
  • For all type of purchases (single , multiple, reskin package) , we will send the full source code along with the documentation once the payment is credited .

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