Extreme Currency Converter – iOS Source Code for Sale

SALE: iOS app source code of  fully functional currency converter application


  • iOS 8 support
  • Iphone 6 , 6 plus support
  • Ipad/ Iphone (universal app)
  • Free API
  • Supports all major currencies
  • Admob banner
  • Admob interstitial
  • Banner on / off
  • Interstitial on / off
  • Set interstitial interval
  • Easy reskin
  • High demand app
  • Easy monetization

Live demo Sample App :https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/extreme-currency-converter/id942435558


Our Demo Video

Screen Shots


All in one currency converter which supports 160 + currencies. For simple currency conversion, always use the first tab. Just select the base currency, target currency, amount and then click on convert button. Second tab contains a set of currencies you need to track on a regular basis
By default the tab will be filled with sample currencies. You can always clear and add new values from the settings menu.

Rates tab shows the previously fetched values from server by default. You can click on the ‘Refresh button’ to get updated values. Values in server is updated every 30 minutes.

You can always reverse the conversion in the rates tab. For example if you are getting USD to GBP conversion, just click on the reverse button to get GBP to USD conversion. Currency rates are updated in server from various online sources which is updated every 30 minutes . Already optimized for iOS8!


How to Setup and Reskin
Just change icon, splash, background and ad settings. Easy to go live.
Note : Detailed guide is included in the package


Single License

for a single app
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Configuration support
  • Upload to store
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

Multi License

For multiple apps
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Configuration support
  • Upload to store (for 1 app)
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

buying options

Notes for payment

  • You need a Non Indian paypal id for purchase . If you are from India Please contact at info@reskinningapp.com with your requirement so that we can arrange another payment method for purchase
  • We will send the files manually after purchase . So there will be some hours delay if the purchase is not in the working hours
  • For all type of purchases (single , multiple, reskin package) , we will send the full source code along with the documentation once the payment is credited .

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