What is mobi-shop ? (iPhone source code sale)

Turn your e-commerce store into an m-commerce app. Offer your products on a range of  ios devices.

Mobi shop works on its own. No need to link it to your existing cart.

Mobi shop can be fully customized from admin panel to add products and all.

Offer your mobile store in any currency. You can manage the forex rates from the admin panel.

Get full access to the full source code for each native app and admin panel to  customize Mobishop from changing the design, to developing new features.


Live demo

Sample App : https://itunes.apple.com/app/diwa-mart/id867468998

Mobishop Advantages

  • Cheapest  price for an ios shopping cart app
  • Reliable product trusted by many sellers worldwide
  • Can be managed separately from our existing cart
  • Existing cart is not necessary for using mobi shop
  • Cart options are really simple
  • Even customer registration is not needed to make a purchase .
  • Admin panel is really simple with minimal options to manage a simple selling system

For whom ?
Please note that Mobishop is not an app to sell advertising or a source code to  make a paid app.  It is a complete shopping cart solution to sell products through mobile. Mobishop is designed for the following category of people.

  • Small and medium level eCommerce sellers who is having an existing shopping cart
  • Sellers who is selling through Facebook (who do not have an existing online cart )
  • Sellers who is selling through eBay (who do not have an existing online cart )
  • Sellers who is selling through amazon (who do not have an existing online cart )
  • Anybody who like to sell some  goods  online /mobile

Why a mobile app rather than online store ?

Here is some stats. Please read and you can understand the need of an m commerce app.

M commerce is the future of e commerce 

Brits spend £7.5bn via mobile in 2012

M-commerce to quadruple to $31bn in next five years

EBay and PayPal to report $20bn each in 2013 m-commerce, mobile payments

Advantages of using mobi shop than a custom iphone cart app 

Custom iphone shopping cart application can cost anywhere between $3000-$7000 including admin panel and web services.

Mobishop prices are really cheap . You can launch your app for  below $500.

You need to wait at least 2 months to develop a cutom cart application including testing and all .

You can make your site live in the app store  within 1 week  using mobishop iPhone source code.

You need to find a good development team for a custom cart, discuss with them for the entire process, need to report all bugs and issues, optimize well to make a final product.

Here all done by us already. Its proven and used by many sellers already. Just plug and play !!!



Iphone app features 

  • Home page with New products and featured products tabs.
  • Featured slider with 3 banners in home page .
  • shop  banner linked to info page .
  • Categories and product listing upto three levels .
  • Product Detail page with upto 5 images.
  • Image zoom facility in Product Detail page.
  • Search with product code or name .
  • Dedicated page for featured products .
  • Shopping cart with delete product option
  • Fully integrated with paypal.
  • Can work with any currency
  • Option to provide important note on checkout page
  • Option to provide about us, address and all in info page

Buy iPhone source code today; make your business more smart!

Our Demo Video

Sample Screen shots below 

Single License

for a single mcommerce app
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Installation support
  • Free admin panel installation
  • Upload to store
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

Multi License

For multiple apps
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Installation support
  • Free admin panel installation (for 1 app)
  • Upload to store (for 1 app)
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

Hosted Service

Price Includes Hosting
  • Free installation
  • Free Server
  • Upload to store
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app
  • Need to pay annually
  • Discontinue anytime (No refunds)

buying options

Notes for payment 

  • You need a Non Indian paypal id for purchase . If you are from India Please contact at info@reskinningapp.com with your requirement so that we can arrange another payment method for purchase
  • We will send the files manually after purchase . So there will be some hours delay if the purchase  is not in the working hours 
  • For all type of purchases (single , multiple, reskin package) , we will send the full source code along with the documentation once the payment is credited .

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