Mobishop Admin Panel Help

1.Login Page

Secure Login page with forgot password feature.



2.Home Page




3.Add Category

Adding shopping categories is the first thing to do before you get to add products.



4.Manage Categories

You can edit or delete added categories in Manage categories page




5.Add Product

You can now start adding products easily by filling a few mandatory fields



6.Manage Products

You can always manage all added products anytime with great ease.



7.Add stock

Adding available products stocks is an important step to perform after adding product.Stock denotes the number of samples of a product you’ve got to sell through your app.Stocks can be added at anytime.This feature is placed in the products listing page.



8.Manage stocks

Added stocks can be viewed and deleted under manage stocks page.All the admin can view all the history of adding each stocks all the time.All added stocks are listed and ordered according to the time they were added.



9.View Current Stock

The current stock is updated automatically after a customer purchases a product.The admin can keep track of the current stock in real time.




10.Manage Orders

All orders through your shopping app is visible in manage orders.



10.View Order

All the orders details of the customers,including pay-pal transaction Id,time of booking,contact address and other important details are structured in view order page.The admin can also change the shipping status,shipping date and address in this page.




This is supposed to the “configuration page” where the admin can fill in core details such as account information,pay-pal id,email,currency keyword,conversion rate,banner image.Change password option is also tailored to this page.

settings mange_sliders manage_stocks


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