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How to improve app ranking through reviews ?

Hope you  are aware of  how  app store and play store reviews  can help you in category ranking and keyword ranking .  We have experimented a lot with our own apps as well as client apps . The final results are

  1. Ranking is directly proportional to review count
  2. Ranking is directly proportional to rating score
  3. Ranking is directly proportional to quality of reviews


So how we can get as many reviews for our apps ? It is simple . Use peer to peer review exchange platforms . There are many services available . Here we are going to review 3 such services we have used.

Smoothreviews.com vs Reviewsmotion.com  vs Appreviewdesk.com

We have used all three platforms for 1 month each and here is the analysis


  1. Review speed is too slow . Even though we have enough points , we need to wait several weeks ( may be months ) to get the reviews back
  2. Platform is user friendly . But little bit slow in mobile
  3. Paid plan is $19.99 , which is affordable . But review speed is too slow in paid plan too
  4. Quality maintained . Getting moderate quality reviews
  5. Referral slot – They claims it . But we didn’t get extra slot for referral .


  1. Review speed is better than smoothreviews . Still there are some delays
  2. Platform is user friendly . But little bit slow in mobile
  3. Users are very few . We cannot expect high volume reviews for the same app
  4. Referral slot – Unlimited Slots for each referral
  5. Paid plan is 9.95 € , which is affordable . But no use to become paid as the user base is low
  6. Quality is not  up to mark  . Getting low quality reviews occasionally


  1. Review speed is awesome . Really quick returns !
  2. Platform is fast and user friendly
  3. High user base . Can expect hundreds of reviews for same app.
  4. Referral slot – Unlimited Slots for each referral
  5. Paid plans start at  $19 , which is affordable . Complimentary add on module (Twitter Blast) which is awesome .
  6. Quality is good   . Almost 90% of reviews are of good quality
  7. Free App website creation tool . It is cool and useful .

Final Verdict

We have decided to go long term with AppReviewDesk.com as it is the most useful platform so far .

You can sign up using our  referral link here  so we can get additional slots and other benefits from the service !


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