Features and Requirements

  • Extremely simple and challenging game
  • Admob Banner
  • IAd banner
  • Admob interstitial
  • Inapp Purchase
  • Easy reskin
  • Insanely addictive
  • Game center with global high score
  • Game center with 16 achievements
  • Review Button
  • Share app feature
  • Share score feature
  • On/ off Inapp
  • On/ off banner
  • On/ off interstitial
  • Universal App
  • 64 bit
  • IOS 8 Ready

How to Setup and Reskin

Easy reskin. You can reskin the game within one hour. Very few graphic assets to change. So simple. Full documentation is provided along with the source code.

Why you should buy this Source ?

  • This is a unique game , not a copy of any big games
  • Our demo app reached upto top 10 in some countries
  • Easiest reskin process , you can complete with in one hour.
  • Insanely addictive game so that you can make regular income even if the downloads are low
  • Cheapest price for a game casual with good features like inapp purchase , game center , score share etc
  • People Loving it and we are getting regular 5 and 4 star reviews
Our Demo Video

  • No need to spend cash on re skinning (only change icon and splash )
  •  Admob banner and  interstitial  enabled for easy monetization
  • You can choose from applovin/ startapp/ admob for interstitial  ads
  • You can switch off  ads  from config file if you need to make a paid app
  •  Our demo app in store making $4-$8   a day without any paid marketing
  •  If you can market it well , it can easily make $50 to $100 a day
  • Questions / categories  can be added any time using simple xml .
  • You can release unlimited apps (in various subjects )  very easily  .
  • Just find a subject , add some questions and release a new app (you need a multi license for releasing more than one app)
  • You can always engage the users with new questions and new categories on the go .
  • 10 categories and 1000 questions free along with the package . Means you can launch an app without adding any question.
  • App is universal (Iphone + Ipad)
Easy to make it live change icon,bg, splash, app name in the  app Edit some simple xml files for configuration Upload to store Its that much simple Note : Detailed guide is included in the package

Single License

for a single app
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Configuration support
  • Upload to store
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

Multi License

For multiple apps
  • Can make free and paid apps
  • Configuration support
  • Upload to store (for 1 app)
  • Reskin Service
  • Multiple apps
  • Create graphics for new app

buying options

Notes for payment

  • You need a Non Indian paypal id for purchase . If you are from India Please contact at info@reskinningapp.com with your requirement so that we can arrange another payment method for purchase
  • We will send the files manually after purchase . So there will be some hours delay if the purchase is not in the working hours
  • For all type of purchases (single , multiple, reskin package) , we will send the full source code along with the documentation once the payment is credited .

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