Reskin Guidelines

Go through the Reskin Guidelines below.

What type of app should we choose to Re Skin ?

It can be apps/ games as per your interest. Our first preference is apps rather than games.

What is better to Re skin,  iOS or Android ?

Both are fine. However android app reskinning is much easy considering  the automatic approval in store and the cheap developer account pricing.

How much money can be made from app Re skins normally ?

That is completely upto the user’s dedication and marketing for the app. We have evidences of simple reskins making USD 100 per day and above. Most of the apps definitely produce around $10 per day. However we do not guarantee any minimum income in any cases.

Can we make millions from app Re skins ?

Usually No. Because the idea of the app is not unique. Anyway if you have ideas to make modifications and make it unique, it may be possible to make millions. But it definitely needs some good amount of marketing budget also.

Will apple/ google reject the app ?

Play store is auto approval. So there wont be any rejection. About app store , if you do it well, it wont be get rejected. We have evidences of same app re skinned more than 100 times !

What exactly need to be changed in a typical re skin ?

1. App icon

2. Splash screen

3. Background colour / image (optional)

4. App name

5. App description (small changes is enough)

6. Icons / images inside the app (optional)

Do you offer source codes for sale ?

Yes. We are selling source code of most of our successful apps both in android and iOS  platforms.

Do you offer Re skin services ?

Yes. We definitely do re skin as well as customization services at affordable cost.

Will you upload my app to stores ?

Yes. We do it only if you purchase our re skin packages.

Is this enough to make a good living ?

We don’t think a single Re skinned app can make sufficient money for living. How ever we are sure that a portfolio of apps (at least 5) can make enough monthly income.

So Re skinning is the ideal way for entering into app business ?

Not exactly. Re skinning is the cheapest way to enter app business. Once you start with Re skinning, you can then move to unique app ideas if you have one. Still you need good amount of money compared to this.

Why you prefer apps rather than games ?

Game Re skinning is flooded with more people and now a days it is hard to make money out of Re skinned games (as the game play will be very much similar ). Also changing graphics will be costly for games. There are still many room for app re skins if we can do at least basic marketing,  as per our market study. Still many people do game re skins. You can try if you are interested, anyways.

How easy is to re skin the apps listed here?
We have developed all of our apps keeping in mind that ‘it is to be re skinned easily’. You are able to Re skin all of our apps very much easily with very less graphical assets.


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